98 show(s) in 2017.

2017-02-14American Beauty, New York, NY
2017-02-15The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-02-16622 North, Blacksburg, VA
2017-02-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2017-02-18The Mousetrap, Indianapolis, IN
2017-02-21Lamasco Bar, Evansville, IN
2017-02-22Park Theatre, Holland, MI
2017-02-23The Loft, Lansing, MI
2017-02-24Martys', Chicago, IL
2017-02-25Lee's Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis, MN
2017-02-26Bodega's Alley, Lincoln, NE
2017-03-02Altitude Bar and Grill, Vail, CO
2017-03-03Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2017-03-04The Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO
2017-03-06Belly Up, Aspen, CO
2017-03-07Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2017-03-09Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
2017-03-10Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
2017-03-11Frozen Dead Guy Days, Nederland, CO
2017-03-11Stage Stop, Rollinsville, CO
2017-03-15The Bootleg, St. Louis, MO
2017-03-16Time and Space, Louisville, KY
2017-03-17Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2017-03-18Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2017-03-24Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NY
2017-04-07Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
2017-04-08Big Jay's Tavern, Montgomery Center, VT
2017-04-29Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
2017-06-08American Beauty, New York, NY
2017-06-09Garryowen, Gettysburg, PA
2017-06-10Canal Street Pub, Reading, PA
2017-06-11Bourbon & Branch, Philadelphia, PA
2017-06-15Doc Taylor's, Virginia Beach, VA
2017-06-16The Southern, Charlottesville, VA
2017-06-17The Camel, Richmond, VA
2017-06-18The Whiskey, Wilmington, NC
2017-06-20Pour House, Charleston, SC
2017-06-211904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FL
2017-06-22High Dive, Gainesville, FL
2017-06-23Skipper Smokehouse, Tampa, FL
2017-06-24Guanabanas, Jupiter, FL
2017-06-25West End Trading Company, Sanford, FL
2017-06-28Southbound Smokehouse, Augusta, GA
2017-06-29Barrelhouse South, Savannah, GA
2017-06-30Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
2017-07-01Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA
2017-07-05The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-07-06Cattivo, Pittsburgh, PA
2017-07-07Time and Space, Louisville, KY
2017-07-08Urban Artifact, Cincinnati, OH
2017-07-12The Bridge, Cambridge, MA
2017-07-13The Bridge, Cambridge, MA
2017-07-14The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2017-07-15The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2017-07-19The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-07-27Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2017-07-28B.R.Y.A.C., Bridgeport, CT
2017-07-29Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2017-08-11Peach Fest, Scranton, PA
2017-09-01Be On Key Psychadelic Ripple, Denver, CO
2017-09-02Be On Key Psychadelic Ripple, Denver, CO
2017-09-06Notes, Columbus, OH
2017-09-07Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
2017-09-08Laniakea Fest, College Corner, OH
2017-09-09Cosmic Charlies, Lexington, KY
2017-09-13Martyr's, Chicago, IL
2017-09-14Lee's Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis, MN
2017-09-15Bent River Brewing Company, Moline, IL
2017-09-16The Mouse Trap, Indianapolis, IN
2017-09-20The Frequency, Madison, WI
2017-09-212720 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO
2017-09-22Bodega's Alley, Lincoln, NE
2017-09-30The Caribou Room, Nederland, CO
2017-10-06Ullr's Tavern, Winter Park, CO
2017-10-18The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
2017-11-02Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2017-11-03Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2017-11-04Declaration Brewery, Denver, CO
2017-11-10Bodega's Alley, Lincoln, NE
2017-11-12Central Standard Brewing, Wichita, KS
2017-11-162720 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO
2017-11-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2017-11-18Brother's Drake, Columbus, OH
2017-11-19Milkboy, Philadelphia, PA
2017-11-22Garry Owen, Gettysburg, PA
2017-11-24The Hollow, Albany, NY
2017-11-25Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA
2017-11-26Garcia's, Port Chester, NY
2017-11-29The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-11-30The Camel, Richmond, VA
2017-12-02The Southern, Charlottesville, VA
2017-12-05The Local, Boone, NC
2017-12-07Salvage Station, Asheville, NC
2017-12-08Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
2017-12-09The Hummingbird, Macon, GA
2017-12-13Sidestracks Music Hall, Hunstville, AL
2017-12-14The Blue Canoe, Tupelo, MS
2017-12-15Deep Ellum Art Company, Dallas, TX