88 show(s) in 2015.

2015-01-30Johnny D's, Boston, MA
2015-02-04Rapture, Charlottesville, VA
2015-02-05Martin's Downtown, Roanoke, VA
2015-02-06The Camel, Richmond, VA
2015-02-07The Bayou, Washington, DC
2015-02-21The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA
2015-03-14Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2015-03-15Pianos, New York, NY
2015-03-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2015-03-18Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2015-03-20Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO
2015-03-21Currents Restaurant, Salido, CO
2015-03-22Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, CO
2015-03-23Sanchos Broken Arrow, Denver, CO
2015-03-24The Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO
2015-03-25Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2015-03-26The Little Bear, Evergreen, CO
2015-03-27Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
2015-03-28Black Nugget Saloon, Carbondale, CO
2015-04-01Fly Me To the Moon Saloon, Telluride, CO
2015-04-02Fly Me To the Moon Saloon, Telluride, CO
2015-04-03The Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2015-04-04Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2015-04-08Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2015-04-10Hamilton College, Hamilton, NY
2015-04-11Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2015-04-24Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2015-05-02The Hollow, Albany, NY
2015-05-22Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2015-05-23Webster Hall, New York, NY
2015-05-30Domefest, Trip's Farm, Terra Alta, WV
2015-06-03The Camel, Richmond, VA
2015-06-04Martin's Downtown, Roanoke, VA
2015-06-06Taphouse, Hampton, VA
2015-06-12Stella Blue's, New Haven, CT
2015-06-16Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NY
2015-06-20Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2015-07-15Rapture, Charlottesville, VA
2015-07-16Gottrocks, Greenville, NC
2015-07-17The Noble Experiment, Hickory, NC
2015-07-18The Rabbit Hole, Charlotte, NC
2015-07-19Pour House, Charleston, SC
2015-07-21Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA
2015-07-23One Stop, Asheville, NC
2015-07-24Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA
2015-08-04The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2015-08-05Gypsy Sally's, Washington, DC
2015-08-06Private Show, The Lucky Slug, Wantage, NJ
2015-08-07Thunder Road, Somerville, MA
2015-08-08Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2015-08-20Phish Pre-Party, The Haunt, Ithica, NY
2015-08-26Park Street Patio, Columbus, OH
2015-08-27Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2015-08-28Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2015-08-29The Bridge, Columbia, MO
2015-09-01Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
2015-09-03Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, CO
2015-09-04Phish After-Party, Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2015-09-05Phish After-Party, Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2015-09-05Phish Pre-Party, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
2015-09-07Southern Sun, Boulder, CO
2015-09-10Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2015-09-11The Eldo, Crested Butte, CO
2015-09-12Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
2015-09-14Sancho's, Denver, CO
2015-09-18Vaudville Mews, Des Moines, IA
2015-09-19Gabe's, Iowa City, IA
2015-09-20The Frequency, Madison, WI
2015-09-23The Bootleg, St. Louis, MO
2015-09-24Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2015-09-26DROM, New York, NY
2015-10-11Fam Jam, Brew Farm, Dudley, MA
2015-10-20Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2015-10-23The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2015-11-25Electric Haze, Worcester, MA
2015-11-27The Hollow, Albany, NY
2015-12-02Rapture, Charlottesville, VA
2015-12-03The Camel, Richmond, VA
2015-12-04The Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC
2015-12-05Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA
2015-12-08The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, NC
2015-12-09Pawley's Island Tavern, Pawleys Island, SC
2015-12-10Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA
2015-12-11Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
2015-12-12Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN
2015-12-16Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2015-12-17Madison Live, Covington, KY
2015-12-19Johnny D's, Somerville, MA