When the Love Is

by: The Jauntee

When the Love Is has been performed 85 time(s) at the following shows:

2015-01-30Johnny D's, Somerville, MAS1 | T09debut, original
2015-02-06The Camel, Richmond, VAS1 | T01
2015-02-21The Sinclair, Cambridge, MAS1 | T01
2015-03-14Church of Boston, Boston, MAS1 | T06
2015-03-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OHS1 | T11
2015-03-20Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, COS2 | T04
2015-03-22Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, COS2 | T07
2015-03-24Lazy Dog, Boulder, COS1 | T04
2015-03-26Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, COS1 | T10
2015-03-28Black Nugget Saloon, Carbondale, COS2 | T05
2015-04-02Fly Me To The Moon Saloon, Telluride, COS2 | T01
2015-04-04Quixote's True Blue, Denver, COS2 | T07
2015-04-10Hamilton College, Clinton, NYS1 | T01
2015-04-11The Stone Church, New Market, NHS1 | T04
2015-05-02The Hollow, Albany, NYS1 | T02
2015-05-23Webster Hall, New York, NYS1 | T04
2015-05-30Domefest, Terra Alta, WVS1 | T05
2015-06-03The Camel, Richmond, VAS2 | T07
2015-06-05Pancho and Luigi's, Norfolk, VAS1 | T01
2015-06-12Stella Blues, New Haven, CTS2 | T05
2015-06-16Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NYS1 | T05
2015-06-20Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MAS1 | T08Play That Funky Music teases/quotes
2015-07-15Rapture, Charlottesville, VAS1 | T10
2015-07-16Gottrocks, Greenville, SCS1 | T01
2015-07-17The Noble Experiment, Hickory, NCS2 | T04
2015-07-21Georgia Theatre, Athens, GAS1 | T09
2015-07-23The One Stop, Asheville, NCS2 | T01
2015-07-24Aisle 5, Atlanta, GAS1 | T11
2015-08-05Gypsysally's, Washington, DCS1 | T01
2015-08-07Johnny D's, Somerville, MAS1 | T08
2015-08-27Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OHS2 | T05
2015-09-03Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, COS2 | T03
2015-09-06Quixote's, Denver, COS1 | T07
2015-09-11The Eldo, Crested Butte, COS2 | T01
2015-09-18Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IAS1 | T01
2015-09-20The Frequency, Madison, WIS1 | T08w/ Butterfly and Workin' Day and Night quotes
2015-09-24Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OHS1 | T08
2015-09-26DROM, New York, NYS1 | T09
2015-10-20Nectar's, Burlington, VTS1 | T08
2015-11-25Electric Haze, Worcester, MAS1 | T05
2015-12-02Rapture, Charlottesville, VASE | T01w/ Fading Time teases
2015-12-05Aisle 5, Atlanta, GAS1 | T01
2015-12-09Island Tavern, Pawley's Island, SCS2 | T06
2015-12-12Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TNS2 | T05
2015-12-17Madison Live, Covington, KYS2 | T04
2016-02-12River Street Jazz Cafe, Wilkes-Barre, PAS1 | T09
2016-02-17The 8x10, Baltimore, MDS1 | T01
2016-02-19Crossbones Tavern, Greenville, NCS2 | T08
2016-02-27The Stone Church, Newmarket, NHS1 | T10
2016-03-12Madison Live, Covington, KYS1 | T06with Do It Any Way Ya Wanna tease
2016-03-19The Eldo, Crested Butte, COS2 | T04
2016-03-24The Little Nell, Aspen, COS2 | T10with Under the Sea quote
2016-03-26The Lazy Dog, Boulder, COS1 | T01
2016-04-02The Bluebird Theater, Denver, COS1 | T02
2016-04-21Pacific Standard Tavern, New Haven, CTSE | T01w/ Too High quotes
2016-04-23Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NYS1 | T01
2016-05-14Funk & Waffles, Syracuse, NYS2 | T01w/ Fading Time tease
2016-05-20Domefest, Bedford, PAS1 | T03
2016-05-26Terminal West, Atlanta, GAS1 | T06w/ Ring Around the Rosie teases
2016-06-03The Ante Room, Charlottesville, VAS1 | T11w/ Head Spin tease
2016-06-11Disc Jam, Stephentown, NYS1 | T05
2016-06-18Art on the Avenue, Reading, PAS1 | T10
2016-08-05Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MAS2 | T07w/ Max Weinstein (Moxa/Soul Panacea) on percussion; crowd sang Happy Birthday to Max after song
2016-08-20Birds of a Feather Fest, Morning View, KYS1 | T03first verse false start
2016-08-27Lazy Dog, Boulder, COS1 | T07w/ That's All (Genesis) tease and I Need More Love (Robert Randolph) tease and quotes
2016-09-02Quixote's, Denver, COS2 | T02w/ Holly Bowling on rhodes and piano
2016-09-06The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KSS1 | T06
2016-09-08New Vintage, Louisville, KYS1 | T08
2016-09-14The 8x10, Baltimore, MDS1 | T05
2016-09-24, Lakewood, PAS1 | T05
2016-11-05Olive's, Nyack, NYS1 | T01
2016-11-11The Local, Boone, NCS1 | T07w/ Magilla tease
2016-11-22Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NYS1 | T05
2016-11-25Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MAS1 | T06w/ Streets of Cairo tease
2016-12-10B.R.Y.A.C., Bridgeport, CTS1 | T06
2017-02-14American Beauty, New York, NYS1 | T05
2017-02-18The Mousetrap, Indianapolis, INS1 | T01
2017-02-24Martyrs', Chicago, ILS1 | T05
2017-03-02Altitude Bar and Grill, Vail, COS2 | T05w/ X-Files Theme teases
2017-03-04The Lazy Dog, Boulder, COSE | T01
2017-03-17Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OHS1 | T01
2017-04-29Green Mountain College, Poultney, VTS2 | T05
2017-06-09Garryowen, Gettysburg, PAS2 | T11
2017-06-211904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FLS1 | T01
2017-06-30Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NCS1 | T01