The Good Time Stroll

by: The Jauntee

The Good Time Stroll has been performed 28 time(s) at the following shows:

2012-04-14House Party, Lisbon, NHS1 | T03debut
2012-05-20Maine Peace Jam Fest, Harmony, MES1 | T01
2012-06-05Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NCS1 | T08
2012-06-11Blue and Gray, Gettysburg, PAS2 | T12
2012-07-27Precinct Bar, Somerville, MAS1 | T08
2013-01-31Dog Star Tavern, Fernandina Beach, FLS1 | T01
2013-04-16Church, Boston, MAS1 | T10
2013-05-26Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VAS1 | T03
2013-05-29Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NCS1 | T03
2013-08-19The Demo, St. Louis, MOS1 | T06
2013-08-24Ullr's Tavern, Winter Park, COS1 | T08
2013-08-30Carl's Tavern, Steamboat Springs, COS1 | T06
2013-09-12The Spot, Providence, RIS1 | T01
2014-01-13Jammin' Java, Vienna, VAS1 | T10
2014-01-24Stella Blue's, New Haven, CTS1 | T02
2014-05-24Black Oak Tavern, Oneonta, NYS1 | T08
2014-05-30Mountain State Brewery, Thomas, WVS1 | T02
2014-06-05Cosmic Charlie's, Lexington, KYS3 | T04
2014-06-27ABC Brewing Co., Gettysburg, PAS1 | T03
2014-07-09Nowhere Bar, Athens, GAS1 | T02
2014-07-18The Garage, Winston-Salem, NCS1 | T06
2014-10-23The Rudyard Kipling, Louisville, MOS1 | T09
2014-12-10Nowhere Bar, Athens, GAS2 | T08
2014-12-13Murphy's Pub, Boone, NCS1 | T01
2015-02-04Rapture, Charlottesville, VAS1 | T02
2015-03-22Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, COS1 | T04
2016-04-01Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, COS1 | T01
2016-11-15Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TNS1 | T01