Old Thompson

by: The Jauntee

Old Thompson has been performed 145 time(s) at the following shows:

2011-08-18McGann's, Boston, MAS1 | T05debut, original
2011-09-24Heads in Harmony Festival, Harmony, MES1 | T05
2011-10-01Castle Jauntula, Allston, MAS2 | T06
2011-10-21Copperfield's, Boston, MAS1 | T07
2011-10-28Castle Jauntula, Allston, MAS1 | T01
2011-11-05Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MAS1 | T06
2011-11-15Church of Boston, Boston, MAS1 | T05
2011-11-15Church of Boston, Boston, MAS1 | T07
2011-12-03Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MAS1 | T08
2011-12-17Castle Jauntula, Allston, MAS2 | T04w/ One Too Many lyrics
2012-01-02Mark Price's House, Gettysburg, PAS1 | T14
2012-01-06Murphy's Pub, Boone, NCS1 | T01
2012-01-28The Second Front (Party), Brighton, MAS1 | T01
2012-02-21Port City Music Hall, Portland, MES1 | T04
2012-02-23Green Mountain College, Poultney, VTS1 | T02
2012-03-10Castle Jauntula, Allston, MAS1 | T06
2012-03-14Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, MAS1 | T03
2012-04-07Alpha Delta Phi House, Hartford, CTS1 | T06
2012-05-20Maine Peace Jam Fest, Harmony, MES1 | T02
2012-05-27Strange Creek Festival, Greenfield, MAS1 | T08
2012-06-02Moe's Original BBQ, Atlanta, GAS1 | T01
2012-06-08Murphy's Pub, Boone, NCS2 | T06
2012-06-11Blue and Gray, Gettysburg, PAS2 | T01
2012-06-22Camp Coldbrook Festival, Barre, MAS1 | T01
2012-07-23Castle Jauntula, Allston, MAS2 | T05
2012-08-09Spot Underground, Providence, RIS1 | T05
2012-08-11Blue and Gray, Gettysburg, PAS2 | T06by request; w/ One Too Many quotes
2012-09-07Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MAS1 | T06
2012-09-22Castle Jauntula, Allston, MAS2 | T08
2012-11-02Johnny D's, Somerville, MAS1 | T08
2012-11-28Church of Boston, Boston, MAS1 | T06
2012-12-07Green Mountain College, Poultney, VTS1 | T01
2013-01-25Pub 32, Storrs, CTS1 | T03
2013-01-29Jugglying Gypsy, Wilmington, NCS2 | T03
2013-02-01Taste, Orlando, FLS1 | T09
2013-02-08Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NCS1 | T08
2013-03-15John's House, Allston, MAS1 | T06
2013-04-02Church, Boston, MAS1 | T03
2013-04-19Tammany Hall, Worcester, MAS1 | T03
2013-05-10Stone Church, Newmarket, NHS1 | T05
2013-05-23Stella Blue's, New Haven, CTS1 | T08
2013-05-26Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VAS1 | T02
2013-05-30JJ's Bohemia, Chattanooga, TNS1 | T06
2013-06-03Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NCS1 | T05
2013-06-05Wormhole, Savannah, GAS2 | T03
2013-06-13River Street Jazz Cafe, Wilkes-Barre, PAS1 | T01
2013-06-27Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJS1 | T04
2013-08-10Black Oak Tavern, Oneonta, NYS1 | T01
2013-08-17Woodland's Tavern, Columbus, OHS1 | T08
2013-08-20Trouser Mouse, Blue Springs, COS1 | T05
2013-08-23The Summit, Durango, COS2 | T08
2013-08-24Ullr's Tavern, Winter Park, COS1 | T07
2013-08-26Quixote's True Blue, Denver, COS3 | T04ending
2013-08-29Fly Me to the Moon Saloon, Telluride, COS1 | T01
2013-08-31The Donkey OT, Denver, COS2 | T06
2013-09-14Rimrock's, Stowe, VTS1 | T01
2013-10-12Private Party, Nottingham, NHS2 | T01
2013-11-02The Boneyard, Atlantic City, NJS1 | T08
2013-11-29Stella Blue's, New Haven, CTS1 | T02
2013-12-06Church, Boston, MAS1 | T01
2014-01-08Triumph Brewing Company, New Hope, PAS1 | T02
2014-01-13Jammin' Java, Vienna, VAS1 | T03
2014-01-17909 Saloon, Fredericksburg, VAS1 | T10
2014-01-30The Island Merchant, Hyannis, MAS1 | T01
2014-03-08The Spot, Providence, RIS1 | T01
2014-03-18Nectar's, Burlington, VTS1 | T02
2014-04-19Stone Church, Newmarket, NHS1 | T02
2014-05-23Stella Blue's, New Haven, CTS1 | T05
2014-05-27Funk 'n' Waffles, Syracuse, NYS1 | T06
2014-06-04Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KYS1 | T06
2014-06-08Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OHS1 | T01
2014-06-13Disc Jam, Barre, MAS1 | T02
2014-06-24The Hot Spot, Waynesboro, VAS1 | T08
2014-07-04Columbia Pavilion, Saratoga Springs, NYS1 | T07
2014-07-16The Charleston Pourhouse, Charleston, SCS1 | T08
2014-07-19PRESS Bistro, Johnstown, PAS1 | T05
2014-10-03Parish Public House, Albany, MAS1 | T03
2014-10-10Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OHS3 | T02
2014-10-14Reggie's, Chicago, ILS1 | T02
2014-10-21The Demo, St. Louis, MOS1 | T02
2014-11-28Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VAS1 | T03
2014-12-03The Chop Shop, Charlotte, NCS1 | T02
2014-12-10Nowhere Bar, Athens, GAS2 | T09
2014-12-19The Camel, Richmond, VAS1 | T02
2015-02-04Rapture, Charlottesville, VAS1 | T01
2015-02-21The Sinclair, Cambridge, MAS1 | T05
2015-03-15Pianos, New York, NYS1 | T08
2015-03-21Currents, Salida, COS1 | T09
2015-03-22Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, COS1 | T01
2015-03-28Black Nugget Saloon, Carbondale, COS1 | T07
2015-04-01Fly Me To The Moon Saloon, Telluride, COS2 | T10
2015-04-04Quixote's True Blue, Denver, COS1 | T06
2015-04-10Hamilton College, Clinton, NYS1 | T05
2015-04-11The Stone Church, New Market, NHS1 | T05w/ Run Like an Antelope (Phish) teases
2015-06-03The Camel, Richmond, VAS1 | T01
2015-08-08Stone Church, Newmarket, NHS1 | T01
2015-08-26Park St. Patio, Columbus, OHS1 | T12PA lost power during 3rd verse
2015-09-03Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, COS1 | T01
2015-09-06Quixote's, Denver, COS1 | T09
2015-09-10The Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, COS1 | T04
2015-09-12Victoria Tavern, Salida, COS2 | T06
2015-09-18Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IAS1 | T03
2015-10-11Fam Jam, Dudley, NYS1 | T07
2015-10-23The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MAS1 | T07
2015-12-02Rapture, Charlottesville, VAS1 | T08
2015-12-10Nowhere Bar, Athens, GAS2 | T01
2015-12-17Madison Live, Covington, KYS1 | T01
2016-02-13The Moose Lodge, Gettysburg, PAS1 | T06w/ I Feel Pretty quotes
2015-12-12Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TNS1 | T08
2016-02-18Doc Taylor's, Virginia Beach, VAS2 | T05w/ I Wanna Love You (Just for One Night) outro fake out
2016-02-22Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NYS1 | T01
2016-02-24The Saint, Asbury Park, NJS1 | T09
2016-02-27The Stone Church, Newmarket, NHS1 | T11
2016-03-11Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KYS2 | T01
2016-03-11Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KYS2 | T04
2016-03-16Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, COS1 | T07
2016-03-18The Vic, Salida, COS3 | T01with I Foreign Eye teases
2016-03-25Balcony Bar, Durango, COS1 | T09
2016-04-02The Bluebird Theater, Denver, COS1 | T01
2016-04-22Thunder Road, Somerville, MAS1 | T02
2016-05-19Blue Side Tavern, Frederick, MDS1 | T03
2016-05-28The Rabbit Hole, Charlotte, NCS1 | T07
2016-06-04The Camel, Richmond, VAS2 | T05
2016-06-11Disc Jam, Stephentown, NYS1 | T01
2016-08-27Lazy Dog, Boulder, COS2 | T07
2016-09-01Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, COS2 | T01w/ Dog Gone Blues teases
2016-09-03Quixote's, Denver, COS1 | T09
2016-09-09, College Corner, OHS1 | T05
2016-09-24, Lakewood, PAS1 | T02
2016-11-04The Stone Church, Newmarket, NHS1 | T09
2016-11-17Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NCS1 | T01
2016-12-02123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, WVS1 | T01
2016-12-07Iron Works, Buffalo, NYS1 | T08
2017-02-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OHS1 | T10
2017-02-21Lamasco Bar, Evansville, INS2 | T06
2017-03-02Altitude Bar and Grill, Vail, COS2 | T07
2017-03-06Belly Up, Aspen, COS1 | T05
2017-03-18Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OHS1 | T02
2017-03-24Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NYS1 | T05
2017-04-29Green Mountain College, Poultney, VTS2 | T06
2017-06-08American Beauty, New York, NYS1 | T09
2017-06-10Canal Street Pub, Reading, PAS2 | T06
2017-06-24Guanabanas, Jupiter, FLS1 | T12
2017-06-30Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NCS1 | T02
2017-07-06Cattivo, Pittsburgh, PAS1 | T09