Devil's Haircut

by: Beck

Devil's Haircut has been performed 58 time(s) at the following shows:

2012-01-06Murphy's Pub, Boone, NCS2 | T06
2012-03-03Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MAS1 | T04
2012-06-22Camp Coldbrook Festival, Barre, MAS1 | T02
2012-08-09Spot Underground, Providence, RIS1 | T07w/ Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead) teases
2012-12-07Green Mountain College, Poultney, VTS2 | T01
2013-01-30The Pour House, Charleston, SCS1 | T04
2013-02-07Nowhere Bar, Athens, GAS3 | T01w/ Last Call vocal jam at request of the bar
2013-03-21Tamanny Hall, Worcester, MAS1 | T02
2013-04-19Tammany Hall, Worcester, MAS1 | T07
2013-05-25Norfolk Taphouse, Norfolk, VAS2 | T01
2013-06-09Calico Room, Wilmington, NCS2 | T01
2013-06-16Disc Jam Festival, Brimfield, MAS1 | T03
2013-08-13Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OHS1 | T07w/ Let The Drummer Take One teases
2013-08-19The Demo, St. Louis, MOS2 | T01w/ Thriller (Michael Jackson) and I Dreamed a Dream teases
2013-08-31The Donkey OT, Denver, COS2 | T01w/ My Sharona (The Knack) teases
2013-11-01The Boneyard, Atlantic City, NJS2 | T01w/ Space Monkeys and I've Got a Feeling (The Beatles) teases
2013-11-29Stella Blue's, New Haven, CTS2 | T02
2014-01-11The Camel, Richmond, VAS1 | T04
2014-01-31Johnny D's, Somerville, MAS1 | T03
2014-02-15Penuche's, Manchester, NHS2 | T01
2011-12-03Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MAS1 | T01debut, Beck
2014-03-21Red Square, Albany, NYS1 | T05
2014-05-24Black Oak Tavern, Oneonta, NYS2 | T06
2014-06-11The Spot, Providence, RIS1 | T06
2014-06-20Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VAS2 | T01w/ Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead) teases
2014-06-28Mad Summer Meltdown, Schuylkill Haven, PAS1 | T08w/ First Tube (Phish) tease
2014-07-12Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NCS1 | T04
2014-08-20Nectar's, Burlington, VTS1 | T04
2014-10-11Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OHS2 | T01
2014-10-22The Bridge, Columbia, MOS2 | T01
2014-12-05Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TNS2 | T02
2014-12-12Green Bar, Tuscaloosa, ALS2 | T02
2015-01-30Johnny D's, Somerville, MAS1 | T07
2015-03-20Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, COS2 | T01w/ Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead) jam
2015-03-25Cervantes Other Side, Denver, COS1 | T08
2015-04-03Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, COS1 | T05
2015-06-03The Camel, Richmond, VAS2 | T03w/ Portland jam
2015-07-19The Pour House, Charleston, SCS2 | T01w/ Bug teases
2015-07-24Aisle 5, Atlanta, GAS1 | T08
2015-08-04The 8x10, Baltimore, MDS1 | T02
2015-08-20The Haunt, Ithica, NYS1 | T05w/ Norwegian Wood tease
2015-09-03Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, COS2 | T01
2015-09-05Fox Theater, Boulder, COS1 | T07Born Under Punches and Runaway Jim teases; Air Blower and Lightman quotes
2015-12-08The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, NCS1 | T08
2015-12-11Pisgah Brewing Company, Black Mountain, NCS2 | T02w/ Spain teases
2016-02-18Doc Taylor's, Virginia Beach, VAS2 | T02w/ Heaven (Los Lonely Boys) and Hold Your Head Up teases
2016-02-25The Spot, Providence, RIS1 | T05
2016-03-12Madison Live, Covington, KYS1 | T04with Smells Like Teen Spirit and Fat Mama teases
2016-05-13Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NYS1 | T06w/ Don't Pass Me By tease and Flutterby teases/ending
2016-06-10B.R.Y.A.C, Bridgeport, CTS2 | T04
2016-08-25Barkely Ballroom, Frisco, COS2 | T03w/ For Lovers tease and Puppy In My Pocket ending
2016-09-02Quixote's, Denver, COS1 | T01w/ Air Blower teases
2016-11-23State Theater, Portland, MES1 | T03
2016-12-03Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PAS1 | T07w/ Frere Jaques tease and In Too Deep teases and quotes
2017-03-02Altitude Bar and Grill, Vail, COS1 | T01w/ Pat Harvey (Cycles) on guitar
2017-03-16Time and Space, Louisville, KYS1 | T07w/ Them Changes teases
2017-06-10Canal Street Pub, Reading, PAS2 | T01
2017-06-211904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FLS1 | T06w/ Suit and Tie tease