2017-11-22 – Garry Owen, Gettysburg, PA

Set 1

Song for George [1], Way to Grow, Roses Are Free, Dawg’s Waltz, Old Thompson -> Colorado, Spiral, Airline to Heaven [2], Drip Drop, Dog Gone Blues, Homeward Bound, Jimmy Cricket, Fearless, Stickshifts and Safetybelts, Harvest Moon, I Shall Be Released [3]

Set 2

Dirty George > Dirty Job, Squiggly Line, For the Birds, Enjoy the Ride, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere > Valley Girl, Head Spin



Setlist Notes

[1] Caton solo; first time played
[2] first time played
[3] first time played; w/ Neil Sollenberger on acoustic guitar and vox