2017-06-09 – Garryowen, Gettysburg, PA

Set 1

Mr. Murderin' Man, Know It All, Fading Time, Hence, Tonight You Belong to Me, Bug, Colorado > Regretless Acceptance, The Late Greats, Whiskey, I Wonder Why I Ponder, You or I, Let Dreams Do, I Foreign Eye

Set 2

Yopper, Tale of Mr. Turner, Mammoth Waltz's [1], Lay Down Sally -> Let Go, Blue Rondo a la Turk [2] -> Butterfly, Endangered and Oddsized, Old Man, Tired Desire [3], When the Love Is


I Wanna Love You (Just For One Night)

Setlist Notes

[1] first time played
[2] first time played
[3] first time played