2017-03-02 – Altitude Bar and Grill, Vail, CO

Set 1

Devil's Haircut [1] -> Jaunt's on Fire, Mr. Murderin' Man, Head Spin, Pungee [2] > Renaissance Man [3]

Set 2

Jam [4] -> Let the Drummer Take One > Have You Ever [5], Black Bart [6] -> When the Love Is [7] -> Simple Man -> Old Thompson

Setlist Notes

[1] w/ Pat Harvey (Cycles) on guitar
[2] unfinished
[3] unfinished, w/ Space Monkeys and Devil's Haircut teases; w/ Pat (Cycles) on guitar, Michael Wood (Cycles) on drums and Tucker McClung (Cycles) on bass. Pat, Tucker and Wood join one by one until Tyler and Caton are left playing with Cycles. Fades to Cycles.
[4] starts as Cycles, Tyler joins on Keys, followed by Scott, John and Caton until The Jauntee is left; w/ Constipated Duck tease
[5] w/ Renaissance Man tease
[6] w/ Renaissance Man tease
[7] w/ X-Files Theme teases