2016-05-21 – Crossbones Tavern, Greenville, NC

Set 1

Power to Love > Astral Turtle Dance, Lunch in Be [1] -> Jiminy Cricket, Head Spin, Portland, Race Car Ya Ya's [2]

Set 2

Wake and Jake, Lightman [3] -> Not a Crime [4] -> Lightman, Get Young [5] > Hence, Blowin' Up the B Line [6]

Setlist Notes

[1] w/ Terrapin Station teases
[2] w/ Maria tease, Lunch in Be jam, and Fat Mama ending
[3] w/ Alladin Theme tease
[4] w/ Stir it Up verse and chorus
[5] lyrics changed to reference Caton's birthday
[6] w/ Just Kissed My Baby quotes, Maria and Lightman teases, and Lightman reprise ending