2016-03-19 – The Eldo, Crested Butte, CO

Set 1

Flutterby, Renaissance Man, Lunch in Be, Let Dreams Do, Gravity of Thought, Mr. Murderin' Man > Blowin' Up the B Line

Set 2

Black Bart [1] > Butterfly, Head Spin, When the Love Is, Colorado > For Lovers

Set 3

Grateful Dawg, I Wanna Love You (Just for One Night) > J.M.O., Old Man [2], After Midnight [3], Have You Ever [4] > Astral Turtle Dance [5] -> Hence, Valley Girl, Bug

Setlist Notes

[1] with Gravity of Thought jam
[2] with Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon on vox and guitar
[3] with Vince Herman; first time played; with For Lovers tease
[4] with For Lovers tease
[5] unfinished; with Gravity of Thought tease