2016-03-18 – Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO

Set 1

Power to Love > Space Monkeys, Dog Gone Blues, Know it All, Excelsior > Fading Time [1], I Foreign Eye

Set 2

Let it Bleed [2], Enjoy the Ride [3] -> Fat Mama, Fearless

Set 3

Old Thompson [4] -> One Too Many [5], The Late Greats -> Harvest Moon, Jaunt's on Fire [6]

Setlist Notes

[1] with Power to Love teases
[2] with Slow Down chorus and teases and Fading Time teases
[3] with Know it All, I Foreign Eye, and Fading Time teases
[4] with I Foreign Eye teases
[5] I Foreign Eye, Enjoy the Ride, Power to Love, and Fat Mama teases
[6] with Fat Mama and Know it All teases