2015-09-12 – Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO

Set 1

I Foreign Eye, Endangered and Oddsized, Enjoy The Ride -> Fearless, Colorado > Regretless Acceptance, Hence, Quadraphonic Fence -> Excelsior, J.M.O.

Set 2

I Wanna Love You (Just for One Night), Fame [1] -> Space Monkeys [2], Lunch In Be, Old Man, Old Thompson > Have You Ever, Valley Girl

Set 3

Jam [3] -> Gravity of Thought, Fading Time > Jam [4] -> Birds of a Feather > Fading Time [5], Pungee, Jaunt's on Fire [6]

Setlist Notes

[1] w/ Wake and Jake tease and Space Monkeys jam
[2] w/ Dancing in the Street quote
[3] Caton and Tyler jam to house music (Boombox's Midnight on the Run)
[4] w/ Machine Gun quotes and teases
[5] w/ Machine Gun quotes and teases
[6] w/ Born Under Punches quotes