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577 total shows.

2018-01-27Avalance Bar & Grill, Crested Butte, CO
2018-01-26GOAT, Dillon, CO
2018-01-20The Lariat, Buena Vista, CO
2018-01-19Intrinzik, Montrose, CO
2018-01-18The Liberty, Telluride, CO
2017-12-16Antone's, Austin, TX
2017-12-15Deep Ellum Art Company, Dallas, TX
2017-12-14The Blue Canoe, Tupelo, MS
2017-12-13Sidestracks Music Hall, Hunstville, AL
2017-12-09The Hummingbird, Macon, GA
2017-12-08Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
2017-12-07Salvage Station, Asheville, NC
2017-12-05The Local, Boone, NC
2017-12-02The Southern, Charlottesville, VA
2017-11-30The Camel, Richmond, VA
2017-11-29The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-11-26Garcia's, Port Chester, NY
2017-11-25Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA
2017-11-24The Hollow, Albany, NY
2017-11-22Garry Owen, Gettysburg, PA
2017-11-19Milkboy, Philadelphia, PA
2017-11-18Brother's Drake, Columbus, OH
2017-11-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2017-11-162720 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO
2017-11-12Central Standard Brewing, Wichita, KS
2017-11-10Bodega's Alley, Lincoln, NE
2017-11-04Declaration Brewery, Denver, CO
2017-11-03Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2017-11-02Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2017-10-18The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
2017-10-06Ullr's Tavern, Winter Park, CO
2017-09-30The Caribou Room, Nederland, CO
2017-09-22Bodega's Alley, Lincoln, NE
2017-09-212720 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO
2017-09-20The Frequency, Madison, WI
2017-09-16The Mouse Trap, Indianapolis, IN
2017-09-15Bent River Brewing Company, Moline, IL
2017-09-14Lee's Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis, MN
2017-09-13Martyr's, Chicago, IL
2017-09-09Cosmic Charlies, Lexington, KY
2017-09-08Laniakea Fest, College Corner, OH
2017-09-07Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
2017-09-06Notes, Columbus, OH
2017-09-02Be On Key Psychadelic Ripple, Denver, CO
2017-09-01Be On Key Psychadelic Ripple, Denver, CO
2017-08-11Peach Fest, Scranton, PA
2017-07-29Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2017-07-28B.R.Y.A.C., Bridgeport, CT
2017-07-27Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2017-07-19The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-07-15The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2017-07-14The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2017-07-13The Bridge, Cambridge, MA
2017-07-12The Bridge, Cambridge, MA
2017-07-08Urban Artifact, Cincinnati, OH
2017-07-07Time and Space, Louisville, KY
2017-07-06Cattivo, Pittsburgh, PA
2017-07-05The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-07-01Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA
2017-06-30Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
2017-06-29Barrelhouse South, Savannah, GA
2017-06-28Southbound Smokehouse, Augusta, GA
2017-06-25West End Trading Company, Sanford, FL
2017-06-24Guanabanas, Jupiter, FL
2017-06-23Skipper Smokehouse, Tampa, FL
2017-06-22High Dive, Gainesville, FL
2017-06-211904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FL
2017-06-20Pour House, Charleston, SC
2017-06-18The Whiskey, Wilmington, NC
2017-06-17The Camel, Richmond, VA
2017-06-16The Southern, Charlottesville, VA
2017-06-15Doc Taylor's, Virginia Beach, VA
2017-06-11Bourbon & Branch, Philadelphia, PA
2017-06-10Canal Street Pub, Reading, PA
2017-06-09Garryowen, Gettysburg, PA
2017-06-08American Beauty, New York, NY
2017-04-29Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
2017-04-08Big Jay's Tavern, Montgomery Center, VT
2017-04-07Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
2017-03-24Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NY
2017-03-18Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2017-03-17Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2017-03-16Time and Space, Louisville, KY
2017-03-15The Bootleg, St. Louis, MO
2017-03-11Frozen Dead Guy Days, Nederland, CO
2017-03-11Stage Stop, Rollinsville, CO
2017-03-10Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
2017-03-09Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
2017-03-07Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2017-03-06Belly Up, Aspen, CO
2017-03-04The Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO
2017-03-03Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2017-03-02Altitude Bar and Grill, Vail, CO
2017-02-26Bodega's Alley, Lincoln, NE
2017-02-25Lee's Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis, MN
2017-02-24Martys', Chicago, IL
2017-02-23The Loft, Lansing, MI
2017-02-22Park Theatre, Holland, MI
2017-02-21Lamasco Bar, Evansville, IN
2017-02-18The Mousetrap, Indianapolis, IN
2017-02-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2017-02-16622 North, Blacksburg, VA
2017-02-15The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2017-02-14American Beauty, New York, NY
2016-12-10B.R.Y.A.C., Bridgeport, NY
2016-12-09Funk & Waffles, Syracuse, NY
2016-12-08The Dock, Ithaca, NY
2016-12-07Iron Works, Buffalo, NY
2016-12-06Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
2016-12-03Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
2016-12-02123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, WV
2016-12-01622 North, Blacksburg, VA
2016-11-26Penuche's, Manchester, NH
2016-11-25Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
2016-11-23State Theater, Portland, ME
2016-11-22Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NY
2016-11-19Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA
2016-11-18Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA
2016-11-17Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC
2016-11-16IPA, Greenville, SC
2016-11-15Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN
2016-11-13The Whiskey, Wilminton, NC
2016-11-12The Rabbit Hole, Charlotte, NC
2016-11-11The Local, Boone, NC
2016-11-10The Camel, Richmond, VA
2016-11-09Gypsy Sally's, Washington, DC
2016-11-05Olive's, Nyack, NY
2016-11-04The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2016-09-24Catskill Chill, Lakewood, PA
2016-09-16B.R.Y.A.C., Black Rock, CT
2016-09-15Funk & Waffles, Syracuse, NY
2016-09-14The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2016-09-10Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2016-09-09Laniakia Festival, College Corner, OH
2016-09-08New Vintage, Louisville, KY
2016-09-07The Bootleg, St. Louis, MO
2016-09-06Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
2016-09-03Quixote's, Denver, CO
2016-09-02Quixote's, Denver, CO
2016-09-01Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO
2016-08-31Hodi's Halfnote, Fort Collins, CO
2016-08-28Ullr's Tavern, Winter Park, CO
2016-08-27Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO
2016-08-26Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
2016-08-25Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2016-08-20Birds of a Feather Fest, Morning View, KY
2016-08-19James Street Pub, Pittsburgh, PA
2016-08-12Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2016-08-05Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2016-07-29Wadsworth Ballroom, Allston, MA
2016-07-16The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2016-07-15The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2016-06-18Art on the Avenue, Reading, PA
2016-06-17Mad Tea Party Jam, Four Quarters Farm, Artemis, PA
2016-06-16The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2016-06-11Disc Jam Festival, Gardner's Farm, Stephentown, NY
2016-06-10BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT
2016-06-09Oneonta Tavern, Oneonta, NY
2016-06-06Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NY
2016-06-04The Camel, Richmond, VA
2016-06-03The Ante Room, Charlottesville, VA
2016-06-01Martin's Downtown, Roanoke, VA
2016-05-30Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN
2016-05-28The Rabbit Hole, Charlotte, NC
2016-05-27The Hummingbird, Macon, GA
2016-05-26Terminal West, Atlanta, GA
2016-05-25The Whiskey, Wilmington, NC
2016-05-23Pour House, Raleigh, NC
2016-05-21Crossbones Tavern, Greenville, NC
2016-05-20Domefest, Fort Royale Farm, Bedford, PA
2016-05-19Blue Side Tavern, Frederick, MD
2016-05-14Funk 'N' Waffles, Syracuse, NY
2016-05-13Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NY
2016-04-23Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NY
2016-04-22Thunder Road, Somerville, MA
2016-04-21Pacific Standard Tavern, New Haven, CT
2016-04-02The Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO
2016-04-01Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, CO
2016-03-31Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2016-03-26The Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO
2016-03-25The Balcony Bar, Durango, CO
2016-03-24The Little Nell, Aspen, CO
2016-03-19The Eldo, Crested Butte, CO
2016-03-18Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
2016-03-17Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
2016-03-16Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
2016-03-12Madison Live, Covington, KY
2016-03-11Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2016-03-10Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2016-03-02Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2016-02-27Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2016-02-26Thunder Road, Somerville, MA
2016-02-25The Spot, Providence, RI
2016-02-24The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
2016-02-22Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NY
2016-02-20The Camel, Richmond, VA
2016-02-19Crossbones Tavern, Greenville, NC
2016-02-18Doc Taylor's, Virginia Beach, VA
2016-02-17The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2016-02-16Blue Side Tavern, Frederick, MD
2016-02-13The Moose Lodge, Gettysburg, PA
2016-02-12River Street Jazz Cafe, Wilkes-Barre, PA
2015-12-19Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2015-12-17Madison Live, Covington, KY
2015-12-16Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2015-12-12Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN
2015-12-11Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain, NC
2015-12-10Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA
2015-12-09Pawley's Island Tavern, Pawleys Island, SC
2015-12-08The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, NC
2015-12-05Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA
2015-12-04The Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC
2015-12-03The Camel, Richmond, VA
2015-12-02Rapture, Charlottesville, VA
2015-11-27The Hollow, Albany, NY
2015-11-25Electric Haze, Worcester, MA
2015-10-23The Port Hunter, Edgartown, MA
2015-10-20Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2015-10-11Fam Jam, Brew Farm, Dudley, MA
2015-09-26DROM, New York, NY
2015-09-24Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2015-09-23The Bootleg, St. Louis, MO
2015-09-20The Frequency, Madison, WI
2015-09-19Gabe's, Iowa City, IA
2015-09-18Vaudville Mews, Des Moines, IA
2015-09-14Sancho's, Denver, CO
2015-09-12Victoria Tavern, Salida, CO
2015-09-11The Eldo, Crested Butte, CO
2015-09-10Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2015-09-07Southern Sun, Boulder, CO
2015-09-05Phish After-Party, Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2015-09-05Phish Pre-Party, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
2015-09-04Phish After-Party, Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2015-09-03Little Bear Saloon, Evergreen, CO
2015-09-01Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
2015-08-29The Bridge, Columbia, MO
2015-08-28Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2015-08-27Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2015-08-26Park Street Patio, Columbus, OH
2015-08-20Phish Pre-Party, The Haunt, Ithica, NY
2015-08-08Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2015-08-07Thunder Road, Somerville, MA
2015-08-06Private Show, The Lucky Slug, Wantage, NJ
2015-08-05Gypsy Sally's, Washington, DC
2015-08-04The 8x10, Baltimore, MD
2015-07-24Aisle 5, Atlanta, GA
2015-07-23One Stop, Asheville, NC
2015-07-21Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA
2015-07-19Pour House, Charleston, SC
2015-07-18The Rabbit Hole, Charlotte, NC
2015-07-17The Noble Experiment, Hickory, NC
2015-07-16Gottrocks, Greenville, NC
2015-07-15Rapture, Charlottesville, VA
2015-06-20Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2015-06-16Brooklyn Bowl, New York, NY
2015-06-12Stella Blue's, New Haven, CT
2015-06-06Taphouse, Hampton, VA
2015-06-04Martin's Downtown, Roanoke, VA
2015-06-03The Camel, Richmond, VA
2015-05-30Domefest, Trip's Farm, Terra Alta, WV
2015-05-23Webster Hall, New York, NY
2015-05-22Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2015-05-02The Hollow, Albany, NY
2015-04-24Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2015-04-11Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2015-04-10Hamilton College, Hamilton, NY
2015-04-08Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2015-04-04Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2015-04-03The Barkley Ballroom, Frisco, CO
2015-04-02Fly Me To the Moon Saloon, Telluride, CO
2015-04-01Fly Me To the Moon Saloon, Telluride, CO
2015-03-28Black Nugget Saloon, Carbondale, CO
2015-03-27Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO
2015-03-26The Little Bear, Evergreen, CO
2015-03-25Cervantes' Other Side, Denver, CO
2015-03-24The Lazy Dog, Boulder, CO
2015-03-23Sanchos Broken Arrow, Denver, CO
2015-03-22Mountain Sun Brewery, Boulder, CO
2015-03-21Currents Restaurant, Salido, CO
2015-03-20Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO
2015-03-18Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2015-03-17Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2015-03-15Pianos, New York, NY
2015-03-14Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2015-02-21The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA
2015-02-07The Bayou, Washington, DC
2015-02-06The Camel, Richmond, VA
2015-02-05Martin's Downtown, Roanoke, VA
2015-02-04Rapture, Charlottesville, VA
2015-01-30Johnny D's, Boston, MA
2014-12-20Pianos, New York, NY
2014-12-19The Camel, Richmond, VA
2014-12-18The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, NC
2014-12-13Murphy's Pub, Boone, NC
2014-12-12Green Bar, Tuscaloosa, AL
2014-12-11Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
2014-12-10Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA
2014-12-09New Mountain, Asheville, NC
2014-12-06Gottrocks, Greenville, SC
2014-12-05Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN
2014-12-04Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
2014-12-03The Chop Shop, Charlotte, NC
2014-12-02The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, NC
2014-11-29Gypsy Sally's, Washington, DC
2014-11-28Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VA
2014-11-08Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
2014-11-07Electric Haze, Worcester, MA
2014-10-25Stella Blues, New Haven, CT
2014-10-23Rudyard Kipling, Louisville, KY
2014-10-22The Bridge, Columbia, MO
2014-10-21The Demo, St. Louis, MO
2014-10-19Tonic Room, Chicago, IL
2014-10-16The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN
2014-10-14Reggie Music Joint, Chicago, IL
2014-10-11Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2014-10-10Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
2014-10-09Jimmie's Ladder 11, Dayton, OH
2014-10-04Penuche's Ale House, Manchester, NH
2014-10-03Parish Public House, Albany, NY
2014-09-30Wonder Bar, Allston, MA
2014-09-27The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2014-09-25The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2014-09-20Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2014-09-06Catskill Chill, Camp Minglewood, Hancock, NY
2014-08-29Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2014-08-28Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2014-08-21Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2014-08-20Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2014-08-14Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2014-08-07Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2014-07-19PRESS Bistro, Johnstown, PA
2014-07-18The Garage, Wisnton-Salem, NC
2014-07-17Barrelhouse South, Savannah, GA
2014-07-16Pour House, Charleston, SC
2014-07-13Motorco, Durham, NC
2014-07-12Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC
2014-07-11Wall Street, Murfreesboro, TN
2014-07-10Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
2014-07-09Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA
2014-07-04Pre-Phish BBQ, Saratoga Springs, NY
2014-07-02CyberCafe West, Binghamtom, NY
2014-06-29The Camel, Richmond, VA
2014-06-28Mad Summer Meltdown, Schuylkill County Fairgrounds, Schuylkill Haven, PA
2014-06-27Appalachian Brewing Company, Gettysburg, PA
2014-06-26Triumph Brewing Company, New Hope, PA
2014-06-24The Hot Spot, Waynesboro, VA
2014-06-22Roux!, Charlotte, NC
2014-06-21Roux!, Charlotte, NC
2014-06-20Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VA
2014-06-19Gypsy Sally's, Washington, DC
2014-06-14The Skinny Pancake, Burlington, VT
2014-06-13Disc Jam Music Festival, Camp Coldbrook, Barre, MA
2014-06-12Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2014-06-11The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2014-06-10XO Lounge, Philadelphia, PA
2014-06-08Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
2014-06-07Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2014-06-06Park Street Patio, Columbus, OH
2014-06-05Cosmic Charlie's, Lexington, KY
2014-06-04Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
2014-05-31Domefest, Sunshine Daydream Music Park, Terra Alta, WV
2014-05-30Mountain State Brewing, Thomas, WV
2014-05-29Monty's Krown Lounge, Rochester, NY
2014-05-27Funk 'N' Waffles, Syracuse, NY
2014-05-25Fitzie's Irish Pub, Binghamtom, NY
2014-05-24Black Oak Tavern, Oneonta, NY
2014-05-23Stella Blue's, New Haven, CT
2014-05-17Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2014-05-16Red Square, Burlington, VT
2014-04-26Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2014-04-25Penuche's Ale House, Manchester, NH
2014-04-19The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2014-03-27The Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA
2014-03-22CyberCafe West, Binghamtom, NY
2014-03-21Red Square, Albany, NY
2014-03-20Nietzche's, Buffalo, NY
2014-03-18Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2014-03-13Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2014-03-08The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2014-02-15Penuche's Ale House, Manchester, NH
2014-02-01Black Oak Tavern, Oneonta, NY
2014-01-31Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2014-01-30The Island Merchant, Hyannis, MA
2014-01-25The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2014-01-24Stella Blue's, New Haven, CT
2014-01-18Sarah Street Grill, Stroudsburg, PA
2014-01-17909 Saloon, Fredericksburg, VA
2014-01-16The Hot Spot, Waynesboro, VA
2014-01-13Jammin' Java, Vienna, VA
2014-01-11The Camel, Richmond, VA
2014-01-10Rapture, Charlottesville, VA
2014-01-09The Pike, Gettysburg, PA
2014-01-08Triumph Brewing Company, New Hope, PA
2013-12-21The Pike, Gettysburg, PA
2013-12-13Wadsworth Ballroom, Allston, MA
2013-12-07Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
2013-12-06Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2013-11-30The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2013-11-29Stella Blue's, New Haven, CT
2013-11-15Electric Haze, Worcester, MA
2013-11-07Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2013-11-02The Boneyard, Atlantic City, NJ
2013-11-01The Boneyard, Atlantic City, NJ
2013-10-25Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, MA
2013-10-19The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2013-10-18Nectar's, Burlington, VT
2013-10-12Private Party, Nottingham, NH
2013-10-05Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2013-09-28Meeting of the Minds VI, Wyoming County Fairgrounds, Meshoppen, PA
2013-09-15Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2013-09-14Rimrock's, Stowe, VT
2013-09-13House Party, Allston, MA
2013-09-12The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2013-09-01Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2013-08-31The Donkey OT, Denver, CO
2013-08-30Carl's Tavern, Steamboat Springs, CO
2013-08-29Fly Me To the Moon Saloon, Telluride, CO
2013-08-28Three20South, Breckenridge, CO
2013-08-26Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO
2013-08-24Ullr's Tavern, Winter Park, CO
2013-08-23The Summit, Durango, CO
2013-08-22Cruiser's, Grand Junction, CO
2013-08-20Trouser Mouse, Blue Springs, MO
2013-08-19The Demo, St. Louis, MO
2013-08-18Tonic Room, Chicago, IL
2013-08-17Woodland's Tavern, Columbus, OH
2013-08-16Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
2013-08-15Tip Top Deluxe, Grand Rapids, MI
2013-08-14Woodruff's, Ypsilanti, MI
2013-08-13Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
2013-08-10Black Oak Tavern, Oneonta, NY
2013-08-09Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, MA
2013-08-08Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2013-07-03Phish Pre-Party, Boat Cruise, Bangor, ME
2013-06-29Camp-N-Jam, Davisville Flea Market, Davisville, NH
2013-06-27Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ
2013-06-22Camp Coldbrook Festival, Camp Coldbrook, Barre, MA
2013-06-21Camp Coldbrook Festival, Camp Coldbrook, Barre, MA
2013-06-16Disc Jam Music Festival, Hyland Orchard and Brewery, Brimfield, MA
2013-06-13River Street Jazz Cafe, Plains, PA
2013-06-12The YERB, Richmond, VA
2013-06-11Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VA
2013-06-09Calico Room, Wilmington, NC
2013-06-08Roasted, Macon, GA
2013-06-07Dog Star Tavern, Fernandina Beach, FL
2013-06-06North Beach Grill, Tybee Island, GA
2013-06-05Wormhole, Savannah, GA
2013-06-04Surrey Tavern, Augusta, GA
2013-06-03Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NC
2013-06-01The Family Dog, Atlanta, GA
2013-05-31Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA
2013-05-30JJ's Bohemia, Chattanooga, TN
2013-05-29Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
2013-05-27The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, NC
2013-05-26Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VA
2013-05-25Norfolk Taphouse, Norfolk, VA
2013-05-24Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT
2013-05-23Stella Blue's, New Haven, CT
2013-05-10The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2013-05-04Red Square, Albany, NY
2013-05-03Lucky Dog, Plymouth, NH
2013-05-02The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2013-05-01Wonder Bar, Allston, MA
2013-04-27Solarfest, Keene State College, Keene, NH
2013-04-23Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2013-04-20UMass College, Lowell, MA
2013-04-19Tammany Hall, Worcester, MA
2013-04-16Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2013-04-09Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2013-04-02Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2013-03-30Wally's Pub, Hampton Beach, NH
2013-03-27Crop Bistro, Stowe, VT
2013-03-21Tammany Hall, Worcester, MA
2013-03-15Pratt Street Party, Allston, MA
2013-03-01Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2013-02-22The Paradise, Boston, MA
2013-02-15High Noon Saloon, Norwich, CT
2013-02-14Tammany Hall, Worcester, MA
2013-02-09Blue & Gray Bar & Grill, Gettysburg, PA
2013-02-08Double Door Inn, Charlotte, NC
2013-02-07Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA
2013-02-06The 5 Spot, Atlanta, GA
2013-02-04Sacred Grounds, Tampa, FL
2013-02-02New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL
2013-02-01Taste, Orlando, FL
2013-01-31Dog Star Tavern, Fernandina Beach, FL
2013-01-30The Pour House, Charleston, SC
2013-01-29Juggling Gypsy, Wilmington, NC
2013-01-28Adam Dalton Distillery, Asheville, NC
2013-01-27Growler's, Roanoke, VA
2013-01-26The YERB, Richmond, VA
2013-01-25Pub 32, Storrs, CT
2013-01-19Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2012-12-20Middle East, Cambridge, MA
2012-12-07Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
2012-12-01Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, MA
2012-11-28Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2012-11-24Johnny's Garage, Gettysburg, PA
2012-11-23Blue & Gray Bar & Grill, Gettysburg, PA
2012-11-10Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2012-11-02Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2012-10-20Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2012-10-13The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
2012-10-06Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2012-09-27Heads in Harmony II, Last Breath Farm, Norridgewock, ME
2012-09-22Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2012-09-08Open Road Festival, Institute Park, Worcester, MA
2012-09-07Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2012-08-18Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2012-08-17Johnny D's, Somerville, MA
2012-08-11Blue & Gray Bar & Grill, Gettysburg, PA
2012-08-09The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2012-07-27Precinct Bar, Somerville, MA
2012-07-23Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2012-07-21Boston Harbour Island, Boston, MA
2012-07-20High Noon Saloon, Norwich, CT
2012-07-14Somerset Jam Fest, Carson Hill, Harmony, ME
2012-07-13The Gula-Gula Cafe, Salem, MA
2012-06-30Hard Rock Cafe, Boston, MA
2012-06-24Wedding Reception, NH
2012-06-22Camp Coldbrook Festival, Camp Coldbrook, Barre, MA
2012-06-21The Spot Underground, Providence, RI
2012-06-20Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2012-06-11Blue & Gray Bar & Grill, Gettysburg, PA
2012-06-08Murphy's Pub, Boone, NC
2012-06-05Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NC
2012-06-02Moe's Original BBQ, Atlanta, GA
2012-05-31The Box, Charlottesville, VA
2012-05-27Strange Creek Campout, Camp Kee-Wanee, Greenfield, MA
2012-05-22Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2012-05-20PeaceJam Festival, Carson Hill, Harmony, ME
2012-05-19PeaceJam Festival, Carson Hill, Harmony, ME
2012-05-18PeaceJam Festival, Carson Hill, Harmony, ME
2012-04-28Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2012-04-14House Party, Lisbon, NH
2012-04-07Alpha Delta Phi House, Hartford, CT
2012-03-17Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, MA
2012-03-16Middle East, Cambridge, MA
2012-03-14Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, MA
2012-03-10Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2012-03-03Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2012-02-23Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
2012-02-22Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA
2012-02-21Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME
2012-02-11Tammany Hall, Worcester, MA
2012-02-04McGann's Pubb, Boston, MA
2012-01-28The Second Front Party, Brighton, MA
2012-01-21Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2012-01-06Murphy's Pub, Boone, NC
2012-01-02Mark Price's House, Gettysburg, PA
2011-12-17Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-12-03Middle East, Cambridge, MA
2011-11-18Danksgiving Party, Allston, MA
2011-11-15Church of Boston, Boston, MA
2011-11-05Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA
2011-10-28Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-10-22Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-10-21Copperfield's Bar, Boston, MA
2011-10-01Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-09-24Heads in Harmony Festival, Freedom Field, Harmony, ME
2011-08-27Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-08-18McGann's Pubb, Boston, MA
2011-07-30Sal's House, Gilmanton, NH
2011-07-23Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-07-16Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-07-13Wonder Bar, Allston, MA
2011-06-23Camp Coldbrook Festival, Camp Coldbrook, Barre, MA
2011-06-03Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-05-21Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-05-06Middle East, Allston, MA
2011-04-23Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-04-09Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-03-26Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-03-05Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA
2011-03-04Andrea's Party, Brighton, MA
2011-02-05All Asia, Cambridge, MA
2010-12-11Castle Jauntula, Allston, MA